Celebrating 30 years

Artful Clothing Designed With You In Mind

About Odile



I design artful clothing for every woman who cares about comfortable and easy-care clothing. I select quality fabrics that will enhance a certain silhouette, and  make that garment extra special by painting details on the front and back by hand.


Often, I see my customers wearing their favorite design from many years ago. The ones that they can't live without.



Designing  for more than 30 years helped me develop extensive knowledge of clothing. I pay keen attention to how the clothes fit, what color to use, which pattern works best. I care about the fabric quality and in general, what looks good on my customers.

I have been a painter my whole life, so I can bring something special to each painted piece.


Building Relationships

Over the many years that I have been making clothing, I have developed personal relationships with so many customers. When I'm on the road exhibiting at art shows, I hear their stories of love, creativity, adventure, heartbreak, and the stuff of life.

 And oh, do we laugh!